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Our Purpose:  

To support and promote inter-collegiate and inter-mural athletics at UWM.  

To organize social and service events for members. 

To lobby both the University and the Student Government to increase funding for athletic activities.

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Attending athletic events including pre- and post-game events, sports banquets, honor ceremonies. 

Plan for off-campus road trips and Spring Break travel destinations.

Service or fund raising activities for UWM and other charities. 

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Womens Basketball UWM Cheerleading Milwaukee Area Events Calendar Union Recreation Center
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Union Box 216


(414) 332-8810


Devin Kack

(414) 378-5297

Vice President

Nicholas J Hoffman

(920) 235-1386

Vice President

Bryan J Finnegan

(920) 499-8060

Sergeant of Arms

Darren R Wojahn

(920) 233-1673

Webmaster &General Secretary

John J Ward

(414) 332-8810

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